Orlando, FL Yoga Studio Review

Inspirit Yoga Studio
7575 Kingspointe Pkwy #21, Orlando, FL 32819

Inspirit Yoga is a spacious and modern yoga studio located near the Universal theme parks in Orlando, FL. I only went to one class with Wendy Bernard and it was a very basic sequence. She also didn’t offer any hands on adjustments and I was a bit surprised at how she was demonstrating pigeon pose (she had her heel tucked under her leg, as opposed to trying to make her shin parallel to the front of the mat.) She also didn’t give much guidance on proper alignment. The studio is good value for the money because a drop-in class is only $5 (cash only) and they let you use their Manduka Pro mats for free (this is a big deal because Manduka Pro mats don’t absorb sweat and therefore, it’s much more hygienic to share yoga mats if it’s a Manduka Pro mat, as opposed to one that does absorb sweat and bacteria.)

1.) Great value at only $5 / drop-in class if you pay with cash, $7 if you pay with credit card (and you get a free, high-quality mat rental)
2.) Studio space is cute–they have organized the cubbies in a pretty flower shape

1.) This is a beginners studio so come with that in mind
2.) No showers (although you don’t get very sweaty here anyways since it’s not heated and the sequence isn’t that physically demanding)

Inspirit Yoga Practice Studio

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