Free Online Yoga Classes

Having taken online classes via Zoom, tried MyYogaWorks, and several YouTube videos for the past 2 months, I’m recommending the best online yoga classes I’ve found while you are sheltering in place.

  1. Nicole Wild’s yoga flow sequences are hands down the best online yoga classes. They are high quality, free (she doesn’t put ads in the YouTube videos,) and they are challenging for advanced yogis, interesting, and accessible for an at home practice (doesn’t require many props.) The people who leave YouTube video comments are constantly saying that this was the closest experience to an in studio practice. I have subscribed to her YouTube channel to get alerts of when she puts out new videos (which is a couple times a month.) She only has 6K subscribers on YouTube right now so her channel is a hidden gem.
  2. Boho Beautiful is a lifestyle and fitness channel that has 1.5M subscriptions. This channel is selling more of their lifestyle and isn’t purely yoga videos. The videos of yoga and fitness are high quality and feature a super skinny and fit woman (which you may or may not like–some may say she is pushing an unattainably body image, some may find her body shape inspirational). While the yoga practice sequences she leads are strong, I don’t think they are the most interesting and innovative, but I do still watch some of her free YouTube classes.
  3. I got a free subscription to MyYogaWorks from my company so I tried it out. Although I tried practicing alongside ~10 instructors in various videos, I didn’t feel like any of them were that advanced in teaching and the flow felt choppy and disjointed. I wouldn’t pay for a MyYogaWorks subscription but if you get one for free, I would check out some of their level 3 classes (which are still quite introductory when compared to the free YouTube videos shown above.)

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