About Me

Hi there! I love the physical and spiritual aspects of practicing yoga and I make it a part of my daily routine and something I seek out when I’m traveling or on vacation. I first discovered yoga in college and have been practicing ever since (so for over 10 years now). As a result, I have practiced with countless yoga teachers at over 100 studios across the world. I started writing this blog when my friends asked me for yoga studio and teacher recommendations. It was also so I could remember which studios I had been to and which teachers I liked to practice with. The majority of this website is just a collection of yoga practice observations that I’ve documented really quickly so that others can get a taste of what it’s like to practice with a specific teacher or at a specific studio. Sometimes, my health and wellness observations have also made it here. If you have questions or want to reach out, email me at bendiyogi@gmail.com. Thank you for reading!